Whether you tow your Horse trailer across town or across the country, a NFuelNLocal fuel card can make all of your trips more affordable and discounts processed the next day.
NFuelNLocal and partner Fleet One are proud to offer you the business tool you need to tame those unruly fuel bills.
SAVINGS – The NFuelNLocal card is packed with money – and time-saving benefits.  Sign up today and enjoy….
Rebates – Everyday 2 cents per gallon rebates AND cash price at the pump.  With cash price discount, you’re saving up to 8 cents per gallon Everyday!  *50,000 across the country.
Discounts can be higher than .20 per gallon on any fuel purchased in the Re-Pricing Network.
Re-Pricing Network – Automatically get the best price for your fuel when you choose one of over 8,000 locations* in our re-pricing network.
No interest – You pay your NfuelNLocal fuel card balance in full each month.
CONVENIENCE –  Free online account management lets you view transactions and make changes to your card from anywhere you have an internet connection.
The better way to fuel your vehicles is just a mouse click away.  Visit to find out more information, see the thousands of locations where your new card is accepted and to sign up today!